Dancker Furniture Rebranding Video
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11:06 AM Sep 10


We like to think our work speaks for itself. We also think a picture is worth 1000 words. Yes, we're firm believers in clichés here. So please click here to check out some of our more recent work. On the odd chance it DOESN'T speak for itself, just click the "Read More" button found on each video.


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From the Blog

SONY “Believe Beyond HD” title sequence

Here’s the beginnings of an opener for SONY’s Pre-NAB event we’re working on. In addition to Believing Beyond HD, you should also try to believe it will be even cooler with some appropriate music and sound effects, as right now it is a silent film. Done in After Effects with Zaxwerks, Particular, and Optical Flares

Telling tales of IMPACT

We’ve been privileged to work with the Women’s Association of NJPAC, sponsors of their annual fundraiser, for three years now, creating thematic presentations and awards recognition modules. We’ve also been able to provide a bunch a related production services, and even the “voice of God” announcer one year, too! But for us, the real treasure […]

Repainting the MMGI van with Mocha 2 for After Effects

Now that the MMGI webpage is finally updated, the last remaining updates around here are the paint job on the Midnight Media Group van, and the sign on the front door of the building, both of which are sporting a 3-year old logo. Given that the web page took about 8 years to update, I’m […]