Company Bios

Dave Emmerling

Dave is a production professional with over 20 years experience in video editing and program supervision. Dave’s projects have encompassed a broad range of styles. Commercials, marketing programs and documentaries have all benefited from his guidance and input.

Dave’s love of all things mechanical has helped mold MMGI’s technology to fit our clients’ evolving needs, choosing promising new systems and devices that enhance the projects he undertakes.

His creativity and attention to detail have won him praise from a variety of high-profile clients, including Apple, Pfizer, Schering Laboratories, Sony Corporation, Unilever, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Subaru of America. The Subaru videos, as well as many others for technology and non-technology oriented clients, have earned several Telly Awards over the years, verifying their overall excellence.

When he’s not working late hours at MMGI, you’ll find Dave bike-commuting on his Santa Cruz Roadster, or enjoying a sporting drive in his Miata.

Robert Camitta

As Midnight Media’s Director of Photography & Production Manager, Bob brings more than 40 years of experience to every project. His career began in Public Television at Penn State, and grew to include sports, documentaries, commercials, children’s programs, such as Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, and entertainment programs, such as the Tony Awards, Daytime Emmys and the Miss America Pageant. His numerous regional and national awards include 5 Emmy Award nominations with 3 Emmy Awards for his camera work.

Bob’s professionalism, wit and humor, are most apparent when facing tough situations, like shooting from helicopters, roller coasters or in the mountains of Montana. He’s been responsible for countless multi-camera shoots, including boxing and multi-city webcasting, plus every type of single camera shoot.

Among the many notches on his belt, Bob is most proud of his production work on “Nelson Mandela Live From New York City,” “The Search for Houdini” with Penn &Teller, the Yahtzee TV Game Show, the Leonard Bernstein Tribute “Concert for Peace” at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the Emmy-nominated “Heroes of Conscience” – The Cleveland Orchestra at Riverside Church.

What leisure time Bob has is devoted to cooking, photography and riding his new Honda sport touring motorcycle.

Walter Schoenknecht

With one foot in technology and the other in storytelling, Walter frequently finds himself… well, telling stories about technology. His early experience on the video production staff of a Fortune 100 corporation gained him the essentials of communicating purposeful, focused messages, but it was serving the diverse base of Midnight Media Group’s clients that distilled a love for the simple art of explaining – in simple, lay terms – the way things work, no matter the subject or content.

As a technologist and inveterate tinkerer, Walter leverages 35 years of television experience on behalf of MMGI’s infrastructure and systems. But as a writer/director, he is absorbed with the storyteller’s craft, balancing facts with flow, and shaping stories with showmanship. Too impatient to explain his projects in detail, he usually edits his own shows, and occasionally shoots them as well. He’s comfortable creating programs in a host of styles and formats, and is retained as a consultant by one major corporation interested in novel types of internal communication. For many years, he’s written news and feature stories for several television industry trade publications, and remains a featured columnist, still enjoying translating technical topics into accessible language.

Bill McEvoy

Bill graduated from Seton Hall University with a BA in Communications and a concentration in Broadcasting. During his last semester in college, he had a full-time internship with Prudential Insurance Company’s state-of-the-art TV studio in Newark, NJ. After graduating, Bill freelanced in various production positions for a wide range of corporate video clients in the greater New York area, including Prudential, ADP (Automatic Data Processing), AT&T and Equitable Life. His love of music lead to a full-time position as Stage Manager for MTV networks. During this time, he worked at VH-1’s studio, and was responsible for directing all floor activities for VJ and live music segments, including the Cable Ace award-winning music series, “New Visions.”

Bill joined Midnight Media in 1991, and has worked in a variety of capacities over the years, including Associate Producer, Office Manager and Sound Engineer. For the past several years he’s been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the audio studio: Recording and editing voiceovers, maintaining the music library and creating post-production sound mixes with Steinberg Nuendo software.

Bill is an accomplished bagpipe performer and instructor, who has played Amazing Grace so many times that he knows it in his sleep.

Michael Fischbeck

Mike is in charge of Animation/Motion Graphics at Midnight Media, and he’s the go-to guy when it comes to all the many unusual graphics requests for MMGI’s videos. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design’s Film/Animation Department, Mike made the transition from traditional hand- drawn animation to the digital world of effects and motion graphics, and now spends the majority of his life steeped in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.

He’s currently obsessed with camera tracking effect shots using Mocha and The Foundry’s Camera Tracker software. A bonafide technophile, when he’s not spitting out graphics, Mike is blogging about technology, specifically Apple gear.

In his 2 hours of free time a week, Mike enjoys dragging his family through the woods Geocaching, and assistant-coaching his son’s last-place flag football team. He also spends way more money on comic books than a grown man should.